June is Internet Safety Month


June is Internet Safety Month. Parents should take this opportunity to have a brief talk with their kids about what they are doing online. Ask them about any unpleasant experiences they may have had. Tell them that you have heard about “cyberbullying” and wondered if they have had any such experiences. The earlier you have these discussions, the better. It’s not always easy, but it is crucial. You can start by asking your child to show you something new on the Internet/computer/cell phone. If you don’t have a social networking profile, and your child does, ask them to help you set one up. Then you can become “friends” with your child (both digitally, and in real life!) and see all that they have on their profile page. If you got a new cell phone, ask your child to show you how to use some of the features. These are great lead-ins for a more comprehensive discussion of online safety and responsibility.

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