What is Bullying?

Understand exactly what bullying is, and what it is not.

What is Cyberbullying?

Provides our well-cited definition of cyberbullying so you know how to spot it.

Cyberbullying Statistics

How much are kids being cyberbullied, and in what ways?

Cyberbullying Keynotes & Workshops

Cyberbullying keynotes and workshops to equip and empower educators are here.

Cyberbullying Student Presentations & Assemblies

Our compelling, relevant bullying and cyberbullying assemblies for students.

Cyberbullying Parent and Community Presentations

Sessions for parents and community members to help them keep kids safe, supported, and thriving online.

Cyberbullying Resources for Educators

Educators, here are numerous free PDF tip sheets, activities, and strategies to reduce tech misuse and promote its positive use.

Cyberbullying Resources for Parents

Parents, promote the positive use of technology with these free PDF resources.

Cyberbullying Resources for Youth

Students, here are resources to keep your online experience safe and fun.

Cyberbullying Stories

Read the experiences of those targeted online, in their own words.

Most Popular Social Media Apps

Description, history, user count, and age restrictions for any social media app you can think of.

Report Cyberbullying

Need cyberbullying help? Here's the contact info of every site, app, and gaming platform.

Bullying & Cyberbullying Laws

Need to know the bullying and cyberbullying laws in your state?

Bullying & Cyberbullying Policies In Your State

Know what to include in your school or organizational policy.

Cyberbullying Research by Country

An interactive map of cyberbullying research done in different countries of the world.

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Private School Event

New York, NY

Event for parents of high school students to help them encourage positive decision-making online.





New York School of Art and Design

New York, NY

Presentation to parents and the community about promoting the positive use of technology and social media among students.

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Your seminar presented incredibly important information and all of the participants walked away with a deeper understanding of cyberbullying, ways to help prevent it, and ways to address and respond to it with students. All of the evaluations were very positive and said the information you presented was meaningful and worthwhile to know. The teachers will use the resources you provided them. Your outreach to help in cyberbullying situations that might arise went above and beyond, and we truly feel grateful to know that we have an advocate in the community.

Lynne Lieberman, Senior Director,

Friedman Commission for Jewish Education of the Palm Beaches

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