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Your seminar presented incredibly important information and all of the participants walked away with a deeper understanding of cyberbullying, ways to help prevent it, and ways to address and respond to it with students. All of the evaluations were very positive and said the information you presented was meaningful and worthwhile to know. The teachers will use the resources you provided them. Your outreach to help in cyberbullying situations that might arise went above and beyond, and we truly feel grateful to know that we have an advocate in the community.

Lynne Lieberman, Senior Director,
Friedman Commission for Jewish Education of the Palm Beaches

I value instructional time so I allow very few assemblies or guest speakers. Sameer was recommended to us and after doing our research we felt he could fill in a gap for us. We are constantly telling our students about cyberbullying, social media, and the implications for years to come. Students just turn us off the minute we begin to speak about their cell phones, just like they turn off their parents. Sameer was able to bring a level of awareness to the students by actually allowing them to anonymously answer questions using their cell phones during the assembly. This real-time data allowed them to see the attitudes and behaviors of the entire student body - not national data or state data - which brought it home to them. I received lots of comments from the students about the impact this presentation made on them. Thank you Sameer!

Dr. Mary Rouse, Principal,
Tennessee High School

Thank you so much for the time you spent with the students at our school. Several parents and the Principal of our school, Ms. Rogers, told me stories of how you impacted our kids. One 8th grade girl who rarely says anything about her day at school, jumped in the car and said “Mom, we had the most amazing speaker today!” Another 8th grader had the bad idea to talk meanly about a 7th grader that night on Facebook and the 7th grader followed your advice to gather evidence and printed it out and brought it to the principal the next day. Game over! My son who had been arguing with me about me having access to get on his Facebook agreed to let me be his “friend” on that web site. He also went into his account and took himself off several networks and changed his privacy settings to “friends only” as per your advice. Your specific advice andwonderful demeanor touched so many of our children today. We look forward to bringing you back to our school again and again. Your advice is invaluable to children of all ages.

Kirsten Flegel,
VP Middle School PSTA, North Broward Preparatory School

Dr. Hinduja’s workshop on cyberbullying was one of the highlights of our first-ever Answers Summit. Numerous contributors mentioned to me that they found the presentation insightful and appreciated hearing from one of the foremost experts in the field. If we knew that our contributors would have so many questions for Dr. Hinduja we would have increased the time allotted for his workshop. Not only did Dr. Hinduja educate our community about the issue of cyberbullying but he provided pertinent real-life examples of the practice and offered suggestions for combating the problem. I would recommend him to any online community which would like to stop this destructive behavior.

Matthew Crowder,
Community Coordinator,

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