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Thursday May 16, 2019 | She sent him nude pics, then tried to break up. What happened next got charges filed.
About 12 percent forwarded a sext without consent and 8 percent had a sext forwarded, it found. Sameer Hinduja, a criminology professor at Florida Atlantic University and co-founder of the ... (read more...)
Tuesday May 07, 2019 | Fortnite is free, but kids are getting bullied into spending money
“When one’s identity is not rooted in something solid and substantive, individuals will seek to find their value and self-worth in superficialities,” says Sameer Hinduja, Ph.D., the co-director of the ... (read more...)
Wednesday May 01, 2019 | This Woman Was Included In A "Cringe Compilation" And YouTube Won't Take It Down
It all begs the question, though, of why people make these compilations in the first place. Sameer Hinduja is the codirector of the Cyberbullying Research Center and professor of criminology at ... (read more...)
Sunday March 31, 2019 | Confronting preteen suicide
That said, some experiences should raise a red flag. Bullying, for example, is strongly linked to suicidal thoughts and attempts, says Sameer Hinduja, co-director of the Cyberbullying Research Center ... (read more...)
Tuesday March 26, 2019 | Teens Sexting: What Are Colorado’s Laws?
A great way to impart information about sensitive topics is to stick to data. The chart below is from and was created, and is regularly updated, by Sameer Hinduja, Ph.D., & Justin W. ... (read more...)

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School Leadership Briefing – December 1, 2014

According to research conducted by Justin Patchin, one in four students in the U.S. has experienced cyberbullying. Patchin is a professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and Co-Director of the Cyberbullying Research Center. He is also the co-author of the book Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard: Preventing and Responding to Cyberbullying and…

The Kathleen Dunn Show (Wisconsin Public Radio) – January 15, 2014

Kathleen speaks with a UW Eau Claire professor who has written a new book to empower tweens and teens to combat cyberbullying. He hopes it will make schools safer and let kids take the matter into their hands instead of leaving it to us adults. Host(s): Kathleen Dunn Guest(s): Justin Patchin Producer(s): KP Whaley January…

Google Hangout with CNN iReport – October 30, 2013

Dr. Patchin discusses bullying and cyberbullying with Susan and Morgan Guess (parent and 10-year-old child), Venise Grossmann (high school teacher), and Stephen Kramer Glickman (Comedian and former victim of bullying). The discussion was moderated by Jamie Gumbrecht from CNN Schools of Thought (@CNNSchools).

Google Hangout with PopSugar Moms – October 24, 2013

Dr. Patchin discusses cyberbullying in a Google Hangout sponsored by PopSugar Moms. Also included on the panel was Caroline Knorr (Common Sense Media), Scott Steinberg (speaker and author), and Amit Routh (The Trevor Project). The discussion was moderated by Lisa Horten (PopSugar Moms).

NPR’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook – October 18, 2013

Dr. Patchin joins Tom Ashbrook for a discussion of the Rebecca Sedwick suicide and resulting felony charges leveled against two of those who allegedly bullied her. Also featured in the program are Jerriann Sullivan (Orlando Sentinel), Sheriff Grady Judd (Polk County, FL sheriff), and Sue Shellenbarger (The Wall Street Journal). October 18, 2013 Click here…

NPR’s All Things Considered – September 30, 2010

NPR’s Melissa Block talks to Justin Patchin, associate professor of criminal justice at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and co-director of the Cyberbullying Research Center, about the increase in cyberbullying, and what’s being done to combat it. Click here to listen