Cyberbullying Limerick


It’s important to introduce young people to issues related to cyberbullying and online safety at an early age.  One way to do this is to have them participate in a fun activity that includes key concepts or practical advice.  For example, we have several activities on our site, including a word find and a crossword puzzle, that you can use.  Another idea is to have students write a cyberbullying limerick.  Having youth write a poem about a topic can be a great way to get them to think about that topic in a different way.  Often times I find that my students remember information that they included in their limericks better because they set it to rhyme.  So here is my shot at a cyberbullying limerick.  Use this activity in your classrooms or with your children to begin a conversation about online safety and responsibility.  Send us some examples and we’ll post them on our web site!

Cyberbullying makes life miserable
For the one who is bullied, daily activities can be unbearable
So do your part to stop this fad
By telling a teacher, or mom or dad
When you see bullying happen away from the lunchroom table

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