This talk will teach participants to:

  • Understand the responsibilities of schools which use technology to meet educational needs
  • Consider multiple lower, appellate, and Supreme Court cases which provide precedent and guidance when and how to intervene
  • Determine how policy should be structured, and whether to move towards a prohibitive or permission atmosphere regarding devices
  • Apply the Response to Intervention Model to the school’s current structure and environment
  • Assess the existing state of your school climate, and identify what can be done to improve it

Administrators are in the unenviable role of having to make very difficult disciplinary and policy decisions as it relates to peer harassment – both offline and online. Furthermore, they are responsible to exercise due diligence in their prevention programming, or else come under scrutiny for possible liability claims. We focus on equipping these point personnel with the knowledge they need to act through exercises based on real-world examples and research-based best practices that continue to evolve.

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