Coaches, Student Athletes, and the Misuse of Social Media


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With each new year, coaches are increasingly dealing with the challenges of social media. This can include inappropriate, unethical, and even illegal student-athlete conduct directly or indirectly related to their online communications. Recently, some schools are even mandating that informal or formal monitoring of students takes place by coaches, but not providing clear guidance on how to handle the delicate nuances of that burden. It is therefore essential that coaches know how best to navigate these complex and uncertain times, as well as how to engage with their high school recruits, current players, and own support staff in the most socially-appropriate and productive ways – while still providing socio-emotional support and mentorship.

Key issues discussed: online reputation management; online integrity; using social media to attract positive attention; social media overuse and addiction; sexting; digital dating abuse; revenge porn; cyberbullying; catfishing

Delivered in a positive, culturally-relevant, and hopeful tone with the use of flash polling, videos, and case studies, this presentation will help coaches and their staff:

  • Gain familiarity with the most popular apps, sites, and networks being used
  • Determine if/when to get involved in the “private” online activities of potential and current student-athletes
  • Learn how to create and maintain a positive digital reputation, and understand who and what they represent at all times
  • Foster a culture of wisdom and discretion in the social media posts and related interactions among students and staff
  • Assist students who have experienced cyberbullying, digital dating violence, sexting, revenge porn, or another victimization
    Understand what exactly is permissible concerning online communications between adults in positions of power/authority and their student athletes
  • Avoid all perceptions of impropriety in interactions with student athletes, particularly via texting and social media
  • Create and implement an intentional plan of action to prevent financial and reputational liability and fallout

(60-75 minutes)

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