This talk will teach participants to:

  • Learn what the research currently says about the prevalence, motivations, and implications of sexting
  • Understand how and why this occurs in obvious and not-so-obvious ways via smartphones and various social media apps
  • Explore the reality of Snapchat hacks, the iCloud celebrity photo hack, and how to prevent such victimization
  • Identify the positives and negatives of teaching abstinence
  • Identify the positive and negatives of teaching “safe sexting”
  • Recognize how youth in romantic relationships may control or abuse their significant others via technology
  • Explore the issues surrounding social media “friending” and “following” between adults and students
  • Apply evolving best practices to their school communities

Educators are increasingly facing issues at the intersection of teens, technology, and romantic relationships, and are clamoring for research-based best practices in this area to assist their prevention and response programming. This presentation briefly shares a baseline of the research findings in this area before immediately delving into what can be done.

Should we teach abstinence or “safe sexting”? How should those instructive messages be conveyed? How can we get youth to understand the permanent aspect of shared digital content, even on apps like Snapchat or while using iCloud? How do we discuss inappropriate dating relationships marked by power and control online, and the consequent potential for abuse in the future?
How can school personnel connect with students on social media, but in a safe, accountable, and scrupulous manner? These questions and related others are explored in detail to equip those who come with the knowledge and strategies they need.

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