A Student Guide to Personal Publishing


Sameer and I recently wrote a concise “Student Guide to Personal Publishing” which was published by Jostens (the class ring and yearbook company).  They contacted us looking for information they could provide to students, parents, and educators about being safe and responsible when publishing material both online and off.  While we regularly discuss these issues in our presentations, we didn’t have anything written that could be easily distributed.  Now we do.  Feel free to download the guide and distribute it far and wide.  As always, if you have any comments, thoughts, or feedback, let us know.


  1. Here's a scenario: A boy had written a poem for his crush and decided to e-mail it to her. The girl then e-mails it to all of her friends on her buddy list. The next day at school, all of the kids are making fun of him and his poem. What should the boy do? Is using e-mail always safe?

    This scenario caught my attention because the questions asked at the end of the situation. What should the boy do? That is the most important because some people don’t do the right thing. The always harm themselves in the process of doing something about the situation. My answer would be to just ignore it, because it will eventually die down. Having thoughts about something good happening along with the bad is what should have been going through his head. I know he might have not thought it would become this way, but people have to think before they react. I really believe if he did that, his outcome would have been in a whole different direction. Is using e-mail always safe? We should all know this answer and it is NO. Nothing is safe in technology because just as people make mistakes, well technology could just as well. People may think they sent something to one person, when it was really received by another. You don’t have as much control as you may have thought you did. Using better judgment is what I recommend, because that is mainly all that is needed. Think something can be the worst other than thinking it couldn’t happen. People don’t and will not like to experience it when it happens, so avoid it while it can be avoided.

  2. Anonymity being used as a tool for cyber-bulling. Although anonymous email and text messages can be anonymous to the person view the message that doesn’t mean those messages are untraceable. Everyone has heard of an IP address but people fail to realize that an IP address is like computers identifying mark. The same way a fingerprint at a crime scene can put a suspect at the scene the same can be said about a person IP address.

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