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Here’s a recent query I received from an educator who I have worked with in the past.  I thought her question and my response would be of interest to others so I am posting both here.  Does your school district have a policy regarding cyberbullying or Facebook?  How about cyberbullying on Facebook?

Question: “The reason for my email is that we have recently had issues with Facebook brought to our attention by parents.  Cyberbullying is taking place among our 8th graders and it seems to be affecting the classroom environment.  The principal and I are wondering if you have any sample policies that might help us as we are looking to establish some type of policy quickly to address this problem.”

Response: I am sorry to hear that you are facing problems with Facebook.  We don’t have a sample policy per se, but we suggest elements that you might want to include in your policy.  The problem really isn’t isolated to Facebook.  That is, you don’t need a “Facebook Policy.”  If you tried to be that specific, you would have to update your policy every 6 months or so as different Web sites come in and out of popularity.  You just need a general policy that will cover the kinds of behaviors that are detrimental to your school environment.  You have our book, and you should definitely revisit chapter 5 – especially pages 118-126 to see how your existing policy could be improved based on these suggestion.  Essentially, your policy needs to state that any behavior that disrupts the school environment is subject to discipline.

As I mentioned in my presentation to your folks, you might want to see if you can convene a group of staff, parents, and even students to review your existing policy and to make recommendations for updating it based on these new behaviors that are emerging.  This shouldn’t be a very large group – perhaps 2 or 3 members from each of the above groups – otherwise it may be difficult to get everyone to agree.  This group can then inform your school’s overall approach.  They can make recommendations additions to the policy and for appropriate disciplinary sanctions based on violations of the policy.  I know you are looking for a quick fix (aren’t we all!), but taking the time to develop comprehensive policy, and involving parents and students, will yield dividends in the long run.  It will be easier to sell the policy to parents if key parents are involved in the process.  And the students can help to make sure the policy is comprehensive and realistic.

By the way, in general, if you can demonstrate that the behaviors are substantially disrupting your school environment, even though those behaviors are occurring away from school, the courts have upheld disciplinary sanctions.  And that legal perspective is essentially directed at public schools.  Since you are a private school, you have much more latitude in basically doing what you think is appropriate.  That said, it is still important to have a good policy that parents and even students can get behind.


  1. Want to see cyberbullying at it's best, go to my website and see the proof for yourself. I have proven that threats have been made to my life via myspace.com, and I have also proven who is responsible for the ARSON of my home.

  2. Although Cyberbullying is a widespread dilemma across the nation, should schools be dictating lives outside of school? I can understand if the problem is projecting into the classroom, however I must ask: at what point are parents going to embark on their responsibility? When I was a kid standing at my bus stop and there was a problem (fight, bullying, or what-have-you) the school was never needed. One of my parents would contact theirs, or go knock on their door and talk to them about what the problem is…is this not appropriate anymore?

    In these hard times isn’t it time we stop wasting school’s time, money, and resources? If Betty Lou is have an issue with cyberbullying because Tina Lee won’t stop harassing her via the Internet…why don’t their parents utilize some problem solving skills, as the adults they are?

    I feel for children who have been victimized by this, it would be difficult to concentrate in school if I were being cyberbullied. However, I feel worst knowing that adults seem to not be able to solve these issues on their own before they get out of hand… Is this an irrational reaction?

  3. I think schools need to be a part of the equation when it comes to cyberbullying or bullying of any kind. Often, the perpetrators are using school computers and resources to harass and a lot of this stuff ends up in the classrooms and schoolyards anyway. Of course, parents need to be involved, but schools can't stay out of it entirely either.

  4. What are the laws against cyberbullying on military personnel. Military young warriors are at a very sensitive position for this. Thank you.

  5. Resources are available for our brave men and women who have served our country. Either contact the VA (veterans hospital for information or connect to a civilian site via internet. And yes you do have specific and sensitive area's. Find the right "fit".

    I also have a support site on face book. If you have a suggestion for more information please let us know to we can meet our goals to decrease the abuse of bullying. Good luck


    Be well,


  6. Can you help me finding informacion on how to force facebook to delete a page used to for the sole purpose cyberbully my cousing.

    She has been trying to get facebook to take it down since February of this year and nothing has been done. I have gone through facebook’s process of reporting the infractions as well as several facebook users and friends yet, the page still allowed to exist. Not only exist but it is updated quite often.

    I don’t have money to hire a lawyer and do it that way. Is there an economical way to accomplish this?


  7. Hello im on facebook and I get cyberbully. I just would like to know what i can do to stop it. I have reported it and even went to the cm of chat rooms for bingo. but she got introuble and reported for doing her job. I am happy she did stop the cyber sex in the room. Anyway this is everyday and gets old i Just want to know how i can bann this person. Its hard when ur one against a cyber bully and a bunch of clicks

  8. My girl friend is not allowing her family to be apart of her face book friends due to a family feud. I am in the middle and have now been receiving notices from facebook about complaints filed against me for sending out friend request, and I havent done that in awhile and if I did it would have been for Castle age and farmville, Point is I dont think FACE Book needs to be sending out notices not knowing if it is true or not.. I feel this is bullying on Face Books part!!!!!!!!!!! If I file a complaint for the heck of it on just a person I dont know or am mad at, Shouldn’t you research it first instead give out notices cause your work load is to time consuming or you just dont care, If thats the case I will over load complaints about the same thing, I dont need anymore friend 2000 + is way more than enough.. I have spent more than 2000 us dollars on face book and to get a slap from face book for something i didnt do, Im mad as HELL

  9. I need to know how to pursue legal action against a minor who hacked into an old facebook account of my son’s and made threats to other people. I see how to do some things but they are all minors and I do not know how to get the information from his old facebook to prove his innocence? Please help.

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