Parent and Community Presentation

Parent and Community Presentation

NOTE: Since April 2020, we have been offering every one of our presentations and trainings in virtual modalities (e.g., Zoom, WebEx, Teams, Hopin, Skype). Reach out if you need specifics, as we’ve optimized the way we engage with our audiences from afar!

Designed for parents and other adults who care about kids, this presentation provides a broad overview of the way teens are using and misusing their phones and various Internet-based technologies with a focus on cyberbullying, sexting, and unsafe social media practices. The latest apps and sites will be discussed, as well as what adults can do to mitigate problems within those environments. Specific subtopics include helping youth develop moral compasses, the pros and cons of filtering and monitoring, how to work with sites and apps to get problematic content taken down, how to work with the school, how to build resilience and empathy, and improve communication with your child.  In addition to an interactive presentation, we intentionally leave time at the end for questions and discussion to address any specific concerns participants have.

Combine this presentation with one or more student assemblies to give your whole school community a comprehensive education on issues related to the responsible use of technology. This session is also appropriate for churches, synagogues, libraries, community centers, scout leaders, parent groups, or any other adult organization interested in helping youth.

Key issues discussed: adolescent bullying; adolescent cyberbullying; teaching teens to be smart online; monitoring versus privacy; developmentally appropriate technology usage; parent-child communication

This presentation will help parents and community members:

• Identify popular online environments among adolescents today and recognize various forms of cyberbullying
• Understand the scope and prevalence of the problem
• Learn ways to best inquire about and respond to their technology use and abuse
• Learn research-based parenting approaches designed to induce moral and ethical choices online (and offline)
• Develop strategies to sharpen your ability to informally and formally monitor their actions
• Learn how to report cyberbullying when you spot it, and how best to assist both aggressors and targets
• Realize the importance of intentionally cultivating resilience and empathy, and how to use media to do so
• Learn how to work with Internet Service Providers, Cell Phone Service Providers, and Content Providers
• Discover the most promising techniques for tech use instruction, rule setting, communication, discipline, encouragement, and modeling

(60-75 minutes)

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