Our high school assembly seeks to give students the information and tools to use technology safely, responsibly, and appropriately. We’re not trying to “scare them straight” as much as empower them to make good decisions online. Technology is an amazingly powerful tool that can be used for good or bad. We promote positivity! That said, students do need to know that what they post or send in cyberspace could remain there for a long time – even after removed or deleted. While approaching their use of technology from a positive and encouraging perspective, we delve deep into the headaches and heartaches that could result from unwise online decisions by teens.

The session covers the negative implications that stem from carelessness or foolishness on social media, and how it can affect athletic participation, college admission, work opportunities, and social relationships. Cyberbullying and the distribution of explicit images are also briefly discussed in a way that is relevant to this particular age group. We also aim to make compassion the social norm among students. It’s cool to care about others, and it’s not cool to be a jerk. A primary goal is to help promote a culture of kindness at school and online where teens can take the reins themselves and bring about transformative change. Our message gives teens the information and inspiration to take action. We utilize an interactive powerpoint presentation with real-world examples (and a short video or two) and seek to keep students engaged through a high-energy speaking approach.

Key issues discussed: online reputation management; responsible social media usage; online integrity; promoting positivity online; mitigating cyberbullying

This presentation will help high school (grade 9-12) students:
• Consider the width, breadth, and growth of technology and social media use among teens
• Realize its remarkable positives
• Understand the risks and rewards from the use and misuse of technology
• Comprehend the ways in which private information is unwittingly shared online
• See how easy it is to track individuals using the Internet, cell phones, and other mobile devices
• Come to grips with how ill-advised postings can lead to denied future opportunities (college, scholarships, jobs)
• Understand how to lock down one’s profile page and develop a positive reputation in cyberspace
• Realize the indirect and direct ways that electronic dating violence occurs, why it marks a very unhealthy relationship, and what to do about it
• Be inspired by other young people who are positively changing their school and community by promoting the responsible use of technology

(about 45 minutes)

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