Convictions against Lori Drew overturned today; case dismissed


The case against Lori Drew has been dismissed in federal court today, as the judge seemingly thought it would be wrong to criminalize certain Terms of Service violations of MySpace and other social networking web sites since users often misrepresent themselves online. (Bottom line when it comes to this ruling is that the law used to prosecute Drew was misapplied (and, frankly, not written very well).  I am pleased about this decision due to its implications, and hope that those who make law and adjudicate cases related to online communications continue to carefully evaluate the long-term usefulness of regulation.  I hope that Megan’s family can somehow obtain closure;   Tina Meier continues to work tirelessly to bring attention to cyberbullying through her experience, and we are in her corner.


  1. Unlike you I am not "pleased with this decision" due to its implications or not.

    She should have got 10 years. Just because the laws of this land have failed Megan doesnt mean this psychopath should get off completely free.

    I for one hope cyber vigalantes continue to post her new address' and home phone number's so that she does not escape justice entirely.

    That being said I do not advocate violence of any kind against Lori Drew or her family. But justified, warranted harrassment is another thing. I would have know problem with picketing any business her or her husband opened, sending her nasty letters or leaving nasty messages on her voicemail.

    Go ahead and say whatever u want about that not being right…blah blah blah…Bottom line is justice was not served in this case, she is not remourceful and she deserves to be punished for her crime.

    The world would no doubt be a better place with that little innocent girl Megan still in it and that disgusting woman Lori Drew 6 feet under in her place, I can only hope that some sort of civil suit puts her and her family in the poor house….Again, I could care less whether people think that is tooo harsh or whether an eye for an eye is right or not. She is an evil person and evil should not be handled with velvet gloves.

    If I were king for a day, she would be doing 15 years on a chain gang.

  2. i just saw lori drew on tv. what a pig she is. she and her pigglet should be in jail. how can a grown woman get involved in this kind of thing? she is a danger to us all. she has gotten away with murder.

  3. In many cases where criminal charges do not stand, civil charges can take their place. The burden of proof is much lower for a civil case. I hope the family of Megan will take this avenue to get some justice or revenge or just desserts or whatever term you want to give it.Harassing Lori Drew will probably not work, as people like this rarely have a conscious that will be bothered by what other people think or say. It is doubtful that closure can ever come when one's child has been bullied to the point of suicide. A sense of some punishment for Lori Drew and her family may be received if monetary damage is done to them. Like O.J., a monetary reward that is doggedly followed and enforced can have terrible effects on the family, even if she is not put in jail on criminal charges.My heart goes out to Megan's family at this time again.

  4. Hating upon hate does not solve what Drew did. It does not address what is happening in our culture that allowed, even instigated, the Meier's tragedy. I don't advocate vigilantism. I do advocate education. I can only hope that my children take away a lesson that can help them change the world for the better.

  5. Omg justice for Megan Meier! Simply put,Lori Drews lied to Megan online and told her she's a dude when she's a woman, led her to believing he wa sin love with her then hurt her with verbal abuse and worst still the words "The world would be better off with you". This caused Lori to be emotionally devastated and went on to taking her life.

    HOW ON EARTH CAN JUSTICE NOT BE DONE for the cyber-bullying victim like Megan Meier? What message are you convey to the rest of AMERICA about cyber harrassment?????

  6. That's why we have had what 7 Deaths this year form cyber-bullying. This judge had a chance to show people you can't do this. This woman cause a 13 yr old girl to kill her self i hope she is proud of her self that she got away with murdering a child. I have lost all respect for the law. Maybe if that judge would have took the chance he was givin all the teens that killed them selfs this year would have not cause there would have been no one to do it. know they could go to prison.

  7. What the woman did was wrong.

    But in order for her to be charged it needs to be illegal.

    It was not.

    Thus, she cannot be charged with any crime.

  8. What the woman did was wrong.

    But in order for her to be charged it needs to be illegal.

    It was not.

    Thus, she cannot be charged with any crime.

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