Bebo suicide stemming from cyberbullying


I am not sure if you all saw this, but another youth has hung himself after being cyberbullied on Bebo – which is very popular in the U.K. Apparently, one of the threats the 13-year-old boy received through that social networking site read “If you don’t kill yourself then we will do it for you.” It is so unfortunate how this is occurring with increasing frequency. And some adults say to us – what is wrong with these kids that they are so troubled by online harassment – can’t they just deal with it? Can’t they just ignore it and not let it bother them? The answer is a resounding “no.” Adolescents struggle mightily with issues of self-esteem, self-doubt, and self-identity as they try to figure out who they are. And they are hypersensitive to the thoughts and opinions of their peer group. Hopefully you remember feeling the same way when you were growing up. While cyberbullicide is definitely an exception and not the norm, it appears to me as a solution that some youth would definitely consider, based on our research. In our most recent study, we found that victims of cyberbullying were significantly more likely to have serious thoughts of suicide than those who had not been victimized. Clearly, this is cause for concern.


  1. As someone enduring the cruelty of cyberbullying, I belive these bullies should be treated no differently from those who commit homicide. cyberbullying needs to be given more severe punishments, isolation from contact with others, re-education with the offender's human rights denied, and a group of websites screened to prevent cyberbullying.

    It has become all too clear that website administrators only see the numbers of people on their sites, it makes more sense to watch for the good people who use the internet as a means of proper communication.

    some examples of cyber bullying I've been the victim of include my webpages being linked without my permission and even after I've requested the bullying to cease, people openly mocking that which I enjoy, perverse individuals who have actually found sexual delight in harrassing others.

    cyber bullying needs to be treated no different from a terrorist threat, because in essence, it's the same thing.

  2. It is very unfortunate that the youth of today around the world are being harrassed to the point of death threats and suicide. What puzzles me is the fact that what the people say really has an effect on the children or adolescents. If you are being cyberbullied, DO NOT GO BACK TO THE WEBSITE TO CONTINUALLY GET HARRASSED!!! Also, it is both of the peoples faults if one commits suicide because, A.)You are the one that has to ACTUALLY THINK ABOUT KILLLING YOURSELF OR DOING SOME SORT OF BODILY HARM TO YOURSELF , and B.)The cyberbully is telling you this to make you feel "unworhty of life",or something to that extent which is completly REDICULOUS!!!!

    If you do not have enough sense to find a new website, or activity do then just try to avoid chat rooms, Myspace, Bebo, Facebook, whatever. DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE WITH YOURSELVES, try to make a difference within yourself and dont let what others say to you bother you at all because, you are the judge of yourself, not anyone else.

  3. i agree with raptor about more severe punishments but i think that instead of taking it or giving to demands of other people, print off the dialog between u and the bully then take it to the local police station, then they can track the username to a person and they can deal with them proffesionaly

  4. If suicide is killing yourself, matricide is killing your mother, fratraside is killing your brother, and infanticide is killing a baby… doesn't that make cyberbullicide the killing of cyberbullies?

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