Cyberbullying research findings from Cox Communications and the NCMEC


Cox Communications and the NCMEC recently held a Teen Summit in Washington, and we are pleased to see that the research they conducted revealed the same findings as our own work, as it relates to the use of various technologies by adolescents, experiences with cyberbullying, and the misuse of personal pictures or content.  Furthermore, one of the major take-home messages from the Summit was that parents and guardians must exercise due diligence in protecting their children and teenagers.  We also underscore the importance of cultivating an open line of communication with your youth, and have created a Cyberbullying Scripts resource that you can download.  This document demonstrates how easy it is to broach the subject matter, and provides you with examples and questions to guide you.  Definitely let us know what has worked and what has not worked in talking to your kids about cyberbullying and responsible online social networking.  It is important for us to identify best practices and then share them with parents, educators, and other professionals who regularly wrestle with this issue.

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