Stop Girl Bullying Conference, San Antonio, June 25-27


I hardly ever blog about my upcoming presentations, but I am particularly excited about my next one and so I thought I would let you know about it.  I am giving a keynote at the annual Stop Girl Bullying Conference this Sunday in San Antonio, Texas, and hope that you can come if you are in the area.  The online victimization of adolescent girls is a phenomenon that Justin and I have studied for years, and working to prevent it is one of my strongest passions.

My talk will focus exclusively on the latest cyberbullying research related to teenage girl targets and aggressors, and will share strategies of how to work with these populations to reduce the problem.  I am also giving a breakout session after my keynote where I will focus in on the unique experience of girls on social networking sites, along with a discussion of how sexting affects them.

Increasingly, we find ourselves partnering with organizations that do gender-specific work.  It is very refreshing to hear their perspective and the stories that drive them to concentrate on helping girls navigate the difficult waters of adolescence in the midst of some very dysfunctional messages from American and popular culture.

We are also formally researching more specific issues related to technology misuse that affect teenage girls – such as dating violence and stalking experienced through social networking sites and via cell phones.  We will keep you updated on our findings.


  1. I would like to go to this Conference that is scheduled on June 25-27 in San Antonio. I am currently an SRO and think it is a good thing to know. If there is any other conference of this type ot include male juveniles, can you please advise me.

  2. can you tell me were is this going to be at so i can go to it i need to talk to someone about bully it is happening a lot at my kids school and the are not stoping it all

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