Ten Ideas to Involve Teens in Cyberbullying Prevention


We have long thought that one of the best ways to deal with cyberbullying (from prevention through intervention) is to involve teens.  Including youth is essential in any comprehensive and coordinated community response to cyberbullying.  Earlier in the week Sameer posted a blog discussing the ways that older teens can be used to mentor their younger counterparts in learning how to use technology safely and responsibly.  As a follow-up to that discussion, we just published a fact sheet that includes 10 ideas for practical activities that teens can easily do to work to prevent cyberbullying in their communities. This, however, is just a starting point.  What other ideas do you have that can allow teens to get actively involved in preventing or responding to cyberbullying?


  1. Cyber bullying is a hard matter to address because both parties are usually in disagreement about what is happening. Often times when you are being attacked by a cyber-bully you want to retaliate back but that is a bad solution which will only lead to more problems. Many people say to just “shut the computer off”, like that is so easy and will solve all the problems. In reality, you can shut the computer off but you are still going to be cyber bullied just not with you seeing it. Therefore, the problem is never solved and you are continued to be tormented because people at school are going to talk about what they see on the internet.

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