School-Based Efforts to Prevent Cyberbullying

School-Based Efforts to Prevent Cyberbullying Cyberbullying Research Center image 1

While bullying historically has occurred within or in close proximity to the school, advances in communication technologies have allowed would-be bullies to extend their reach. Cyberbullying – as it is termed – has become a significant concern among adolescents and adults alike. As a result, parents, school professionals, law enforcement, and youth themselves are looking for help. Thankfully, some best practices have evolved over the last few years in this area. This article explores the prevention strategies that appear fruitful in reducing the prevalence and seriousness of this problem. Most importantly, the authors urge the development of a positive school climate as the most essential tool in preventing a variety of adolescent misbehaviors — including those that are carried out using technology.

Patchin, J. W. & Hinduja, S. (2012). School-based Efforts to Prevent Cyberbullying. The Prevention Researcher, 19(3), 7-9.

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