Educator Briefing: Advanced

Educator Briefing: Advanced Cyberbullying Research Center

NOTE: Since April 2020, we have been offering every one of our presentations and trainings in virtual modalities (e.g., Zoom, WebEx, Teams, Hopin, Skype). Reach out if you need specifics, as we’ve optimized the way we engage with our audiences from afar!

For those who already know what cyberbullying is, Drs. Hinduja and Patchin offer several presentations that dig into the information more deeply. They spend the majority of the time focusing intensely on one of the following topics: Cyberbullying Prevention, Responding to Cyberbullying, Legal Issues for Educators, and Social Networking and Sexting. In addition to these areas of emphasis, advanced presentation can be customized to the needs of your district.

Educator Briefing: Cyberbullying Prevention
Educator Briefing: Responding to Cyberbullying Incidents
Educator Briefing: Cyberbullying Legal Issues
Educator Briefing: Social Networking and Sexting

(60-90 minutes)

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