We give keynotes and trainings across the United States and abroad on a regular basis to promote online safety, digital citizenship, resilience, empathy, and more.

Half-day Educator Workshop post thumbnail

Half-day Educator Workshop

The Cyberbullying Research Center provides a half-day (3 classroom hour) workshop for educators to learn how students use and misuse technology.

Parent and Community Presentation post thumbnail

Parent and Community Presentation

This adult presentation provides an overview of ways teens use & misuse technology. It also discusses what adults can do to help children be safe online.

High School Assembly post thumbnail

High School Assembly

Our high school assembly seeks to give students the information and tools to use technology safely, responsibly, and appropriately.

Student Leader Program post thumbnail

Student Leader Program

It’s important to empower student leaders at school to set the tone of appropriate offline and online behaviors for a ll. Here’s how.

Middle School Assembly post thumbnail

Middle School Assembly

This assembly for middle school students covers cyberbullying as well as the safe and responsible use of social media apps and websites.

Upper Elementary Assembly post thumbnail

Upper Elementary Assembly

This presentation is designed for upper elementary students (in grades 3-5) who need a general introduction to the safe and responsible use of technology.

Lower Elementary Assembly post thumbnail

Lower Elementary Assembly

This presentation is designed for lower elementary students (in grades K-2) whose emerging technology use must be encouraged with wisdom and direction.

Student Athletes and Social Media post thumbnail

Student Athletes and Social Media

Specifically for student athletes, we cover the importance of digital reputations and provide numerous strategies for how they can represent themselves positively online.