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Below is a brief description of some of the common presentations that Drs. Patchin and Hinduja provide. All of their presentations and workshops are highly-informative, relevant, fun, and interactive. There are ample opportunities to ask questions and receive advice on how to deal with specific problems you may have encountered. Note that they are extremely…


Action Shots

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Adolescent Girls and their Online Experiences

Adolescent girls tend to participate in more indirect, less visible forms of bullying, including psychological and emotional harassment (e.g., rumor spreading and other forms of relational aggression). Given the fact that the vast majority of cyberbullying behaviors involve these indirect forms of harassment, it makes sense that most research suggests that girls appear equally as…


Safe and Responsible Social Media Presentation

This presentation is designed for educators and other youth-serving professionals who want to help adolescents make wise choices when participating on various social media. First, a foundation of the many positives and benefits of online social networking is laid while also exploring the developmental, emotional, and psychological reasons why teens have gravitated towards  these environments.…


Pause Before You Post: What Students Need to Know About Web-based Personal Publishing

Teens are the primary producers of web content, and continue to publish their ideas, experiences, stories, observations, and opinions on blogs, web journals, or personal profile pages (e.g., on Facebook). Additionally, they publish the pictures they take, the music and videos they produce, and many other forms of artistic, creative, intellectual, and social expression. While…