US Department of Education Bullying Summit this week


I will be in DC this week at the US Department of Education’s “Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention Summit.” You can check out an agenda here, a participants list here, and additional reading materials here. My slides are included in the latter PDF as well.

I have been asked to speak on the “Current State of Cyberbullying Research,” and really look forward to interfacing with other public and private sector organizations to figure out an informed plan of prevention and response during the next few days. If you will be there, and our work intersects, please come up and say hello – I would love to hear about what you and your organization are doing!


  1. Thank you for posting this and all the materials to go with it. Friend of mine heard "in passing" that the US Dept. of Ed was holding a conference but she had no further info. Of course, not surprising, you are not only right there on top of things, but speaking too! So wish I could attend…hoping some day we will meet in person. My M.A. thesis on raising awareness of cyberbullying is in its mid stages and I am learning more and more by the day – your book is a tremendous help and extremely well written. Thank you again for everything!

    Lissa in Montreal

  2. I hope you mentioned the hate site Topix. They are the worst site for cyberbullying I have ever seen. They keep claiming they are going to make changes but they never do. They violate their own terms of service. That's what happens when you don't human moderate forums and don't require registration. Cyberbullying is horrible throughout that site particularly in Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, and Missouri.

  3. Thank you for your work both past and present on the topic of cyberbullying. After watching your recent session on cspan I think we have have something to discuss. As an author (A Parents' Guide to the Middle School Years – Random House) and a parent education speaker I share information with parents and educators on a variety of topics, the most requested of which is bullying. I would enjoy talking with you about your work and how I might be of service. You can reach me by phone or email (805-889-2142) [email protected]


    Joe Bruzzese

  4. Joe – I was unable to see the session and am wondering if you, or anyone, can provide me a link to watch it online. Many thanks,


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