My talk at the US Department of Education Bullying Summit – on CSPAN


My presentation entitled “Cyberbullying: What We Know, What We Can Do” at the US Department of Education Bullying Summit on August 11, 2010 was broadcast on CSPAN.  You can view the event in its entirety here or fast-forward to 14:28 to watch my segment.  Do let me know if you have any questions!


  1. Sameer, I was so happy to have stumbled onto CSPAN today to see your presentation on cyberbullying. I am an asst. principal at William Penn Middle School in Bucks Co. Pennsylvania and am VERY interested in this subject as well as character education. I would love to read some of your papers you have posted on your university web-site. I am also interested in programs for middle school students as well as the possibility in getting involved in any on-going research. I have been working on implementing a character education program but seem to be pulling things for many different sources. I would love to talk with you about your research and how to go forward.

  2. I watched the entire US Department of Education Bullying Summit and….was taken a back by the audience member who trivialized the social exclusion of girls by girls! Her body language and comments spoke volumes as to her lack of understanding of the subtypes of girls aggression and the devastating impact this can have. I hope the panel as distinguished as they are take a closer look at how girl's aggression can limit the life potential of victims.

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