Technology Use Contract

Technology Use Contract

Use this Technology Use Contract to establish an open line of communication regarding the child and parent expectations when it comes to using technology.

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  1. Hi. I will be giving an informative presentation to Parents about cyberbullying. I came across this contract and find it helpful for parents as a way to open discussion with their children about cyberbullying. I read at the bottom of the document that it is not for distribution?? Is this correct? Am I able to print a few copies to provide for parents? I am sharing with them this page as a resource to use as well..
    Let me know.
    Lisa Mena

  2. I would like to provide copies of this Technology contract for parents at a workshop I am doing at my middle school. I have not purchased the book. I noticed the copyright but also saw the comment above. May I copy for parents without many changes and include the copyright notice.

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