JuicyCampus Shut Down


After a year and a half operating as an unregulated college gossip site, juicycampus is calling it quits.  This is a victory for cyberbullying advocates because we received a number of complaints about this site from those who had been victimized through it.  You can find a press release here, posted by juicycampus discussing the reasons for terminating the site (hint: it’s not because they felt guilty or because they had some kind of moral change of heart about their operation).  Anyway, it should come as no surprise that other sites are quickly jumping in the fray ostensibly filling the void vacated by juicycampus.  Let’s hope they share a similar fate.


  1. I am glad to hear that this site is being taken down, I never personally visited the site but from what I heard it was pretty mean. I am curious to know, what would make a person create a site like that? Are they suffering from their own bullying issues and want the world to suffer with them? Or are they just that mute of feelings?

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