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Cyberbullying Fact Sheet: Identification, Prevention, and Response

UPDATED for 2021! This detailed guide is a nine-page summary – filled with as much useful information as possible – to equip educators, parents, and other youth-serving adults to spot cyberbullying, respond to it appropriately and meaningfully, and to prevent its future occurrence among those they care for. If you only have time to read…

Digital Dating Abuse: Top Ten Tips for Teens

“Digital dating abuse” involves using technology to repetitively harass a romantic partner with the intent to control, coerce, intimidate, annoy or threaten them. Given that youth in relationships today are constantly in touch with each other via texting, social media, and video chat, more opportunities for digital dating abuse can arise. Below are ten tips to help keep teens safe online when it comes to romantic relationships.

A Student’s Guide to Personal Publishing Cyberbullying Research Center image 1

A Student’s Guide to Personal Publishing

This handout discusses issues that students should consider when creating offline or online content and then publishing it for others to see. It also provides guidelines that can inform how best to make and share ideas, opinions, and multi-media in a way that does not lead to negative repercussions. Patchin, J. W. & Hinduja, S.…


Safe and Responsible Social Networking: Strategies for Keeping Yourself Safe Online

This handout provides commonsense strategies for encouraging and enabling youth to think about important issues when posting content on social networking sites. Hinduja, S. & Patchin, J. W. (2009). Safe and Responsible Social Networking: Strategies for Keeping Yourself Safe Online. Cyberbullying Research Center. Download PDF