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June is Internet Safety Month

June is Internet Safety Month. Parents should take this opportunity to have a brief talk with their kids about what they are doing online. Ask them about any unpleasant experiences they may have had. Tell them that you have heard about “cyberbullying” and wondered if they have had any such experiences. The earlier you have […]

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Cyberbullying Bill in Illinois

Illinois is seemingly about to pass a law to criminalize any instances of cyberbullying that involve a direct threat to another person. Penalties include up to one year in jail for the first instance of harassing someone online, with repeat offenses leading to up to three years imprisonment. Oddly, the bill only mentions web sites […]

Indictments Filed in Megan Meier Case post thumbnail

Indictments Filed in Megan Meier Case

Indictments were filed yesterday in the Megan Meier case. For those of you unfamiliar with the case, you can read the story here. In short, Megan Meier was the 13-year-old from Missouri who committed suicide after being cyberbullied on MySpace. To make matters worse, the offender was a fictitious 16-year-old boy who was created by […]

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2007 Cyberbullying Data

This study surveyed a random sample of 1,963 middle school students (mostly aged 11-14) from a large school district in the southern United States. Data were collected in in the spring of 2007 from 30 different schools. Click on thumbnail images to enlarge. Teen Technology Use. Online games are the most popular activity reported with […]