Here are how the rates of bullying, cyberbullying, and sexting participation among students in middle and high school have changed in your specific state from 2016 to 2019. These findings are based on nationally-representative samples of US youth between ages of 12-17.

Have you ever…?20192016
Been Bullied (lifetime)82.8%74.3%
Been Bullied (last 30 days)65.5%39.4%
Bullied Others (lifetime)37.9%31.4%
Bullied Others (last 30 days)13.8%5.7%
Been Cyberbullied (lifetime)44.8%27.8%
Been Cyberbullied (last 30 days)13.8%11.1%
Cyberbullied Others (lifetime)24.1%8.3%
Cyberbullied Others (last 30 days)10.3%2.8%
Received a Sext6.9%16.7%
Sent a Sext3.4%11.1%
Minimum Sample Size2935

*Caution should be exercised when interpreting results from states with a small sample size.

For further reading, check out what the Nebraska bullying law covers. If you’d like to compare Nebraska’s bullying law to the laws across the United States, please see our interactive US Bullying Laws map, which depicts which states have specified criminal sanctions, school sanctions, school policy requirements, and the coverage of off-campus behaviors when dealing with bullying and cyberbullying.

Also available on our site is Nebraska ’s sexting law. If you’d like to compare Nebraska ’s sexting law to the laws across the United States, please see our interactive US Sexting Laws map, which depicts which states explicitly cover sexting, whether they address minors sending sexts, whether they address minors receiving sexts, and whether they have a revenge porn law.

Finally, here is Nebraska ’s sample bullying policy, available to use as a model for school districts in Nebraska ‘s they work to define bullying and cyberbullying while also covering investigations, reporting procedures, penalties/sanctions, response strategies, and the implementation of prevention programs and practices.

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