163.730. Definitions

As used in ORS 30.866 and 163.730 to 163.750, unless the context requires otherwise:

(1) “Alarm” means to cause apprehension or fear resulting from the perception of danger.

(2) “Coerce” means to restrain, compel or dominate by force or threat.

(3) “Contact” includes but is not limited to:

(a) Coming into the visual or physical presence of the other person;

(b) Following the other person;

(c) Waiting outside the home, property, place of work or school of the other person or of a member of that person’s family or household;

(d) Sending or making written or electronic communications in any form to the other person;

(e) Speaking with the other person by any means;

(f) Communicating with the other person through a third person;

(g) Committing a crime against the other person;

(h) Communicating with a third person who has some relationship to the other person with the intent of affecting the third person’s relationship with the other person;

(i) Communicating with business entities with the intent of affecting some right or interest of the other person;

(j) Damaging the other person’s home, property, place of work or school;

(k) Delivering directly or through a third person any object to the home, property, place of work or school of the other person; or

(L) Service of process or other legal documents unless the other person is served as provided in ORCP 7 or 9.

(4) “Household member” means any person residing in the same residence as the victim.

(5) “Immediate family” means father, mother, child, sibling, spouse, grandparent, stepparent and stepchild.

(6) “Law enforcement officer” means:

(a) A person employed in this state as a police officer by:

(A) A county sheriff, constable or marshal;

(B) A police department established by a university under ORS 352.121 or 353.125; or

(C) A municipal or state police agency; or

(b) An authorized tribal police officer as defined in ORS 181A.680.

(7) “Repeated” means two or more times.

(8) “School” means a public or private institution of learning or a child care facility.