H.B. 428 “Izzy’s bill” (2022) proposed law in honor of Izzy Tichenor who committed suicide after being bullied at school. https://le.utah.gov/~2022/bills/static/HB0428.html

Utah Code Title 53A. State System of Public Education § 53A-11a-201

(1) A school employee or student may not engage in bullying a school employee or student:
(a) on school property;
(b) at a school related or sponsored event;
(c) on a school bus;
(d) at a school bus stop;  or
(e) while the school employee or student is traveling to or from a location or event described in Subsections (1)(a) through (d).

(2) A school employee or student may not engage in hazing or cyber-bullying a school employee or student at any time or in any location.

“State Board of Education Policy R277-613-1 (2009) defines Cyber Bullying as “the use of email, instant messaging, chat rooms, pagers, cell phones or other forms of information technology to deliberately harass, threaten, or intimidate some­one for the purpose of placing a school employee or student in fear of physical harm to the school employee or student or harm to property of the school employee or student. The policy requires each school district to implement a policy pro­hibiting bullying and hazing consistent with Code 53A-11a-301 (2008).” http://www.rules.utah.gov/publicat/code/r277/r277-613.htm

SB 304 – signed March 22, 2001 (http://le.utah.gov/~2011/bills/sbillenr/sb0304.htm): (3) “‘Cyber-bullying” means us­ing the Internet, a cell phone, or another device to send or post text, video, or an image with the intent or knowledge, or with reckless disregard, that the text, video, or image will hurt, embarrass, or threaten an individual, regardless of wheth­er the individual directed, consented to, or acquiesced in the conduct, or voluntarily accessed the electronic communica­tion.”

HB325: Requires local school boards and local charter boards to adopt a policy, on or before September 1, 2009, for re­porting and responding to bullying, hazing, or retaliation;


Criminal electronic harassment: Electronic communication harassment — Definitions — Penalties.