H.B. 1661, signed by the governor on June 10, 2013. http://openstates.org/ok/bills/2013-2014/HB1661/documents/OKD00017374/. Interestingly, schools no longer need a policy that “prohibits” bullying but rather need one that “addresses” it.

S.B.1941, 2008: 70 Oklahoma Statutes §24-100.3; Adopts a School Bullying Prevention Act that orders School Districts to adopt a policy for Harassment and bullying that included electronic forms.;

http://www.oksenate.gov/publications/legislative_summary/2008_legislative_summary.html (summary)

H.B. 2215/ S.B. 992 enact the Bully Prevention Act, define bullying; amend 70 O.S. 2001, Section 24-100 http://www.bullypolice.org/ok_law.html

Criminal electronic harassment: Obscene, threatening or harassing telecommunication or other electronic communications