SB 504, March 23, 2015: AN ACT relating to education; providing for disciplinary and licensure proceedings against administrators, teachers and other employees of a public school for failure to comply with certain provisions of law regarding bullying and cyber-bullying; providing for a cause of action related thereto; creating the Office for a Safe and Respectful Learning Environment within the Department of Education; providing for the appointment of the Director of the Office; providing the duties of the Office; amending provisions relating to reports of and investigations into incidents of bullying; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.

S.B. 163 (chapter 188); “Cyber-bullying” means bullying through the use of electronic communication; “Electronic com­munication” means the communication of any written, verbal or pictorial information through the use of an electronic device, including, without limitation, a telephone, a cellular phone, a computer or any similar means of communication. Section 7 of this bill requires each school district to adopt the policy for inclusion in its policy on the provision of a safe and respectful learning environment;; penalty of misdemeanor.