H.R. 549: STOP Bullying Act (introduced Jan 2021 – not passed) – “To amend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to establish a grant program that will support efforts at the State level to establish anti-bullying task forces to study, address, and reduce bullying in elementary and secondary schools, and for other purposes.”

House Bill 482 (2006): Sec. 14.33.200. Harassment, intimidation, and bullying policy. (a) By July 1, 2007, each school district shall adopt a policy that prohibits the harassment, intimidation, or bullying of any student. The policy must also include provisions for an appropriate punishment schedule up to and including expulsion and reporting of criminal ac­tivity to local law enforcement authorities.

05-09-06: Passed the Legislature, to be transmitted to the Governor for signature.
Does not have a cyberbullying statute, but ALASKA STAT. § 11.61.120 which is an anti-harassment statute defines harass­ment as including by electronic means which threatens the physical well-being of another person. (link defunct)
Criminal harassment statute (AS 11.61.120. Harassment in the Second Degree) includes electronic forms: “A person commits the crime of harassment in the second degree if, with intent to harass or annoy another person, that person: …makes an obscene electronic communication, or electronic communication that threatens physical injury or sexual contact; or…publishes or distributes electronic or printed photographs, pictures, or films that show the genitals, anus, or female breast of the other person or show that person engaged in a sexual act. Harassment in the second degree is a class B misdemeanor.  (