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  1. Anonymous

    Abuse and cyber bullying.

  2. Anonymous

    Abuse and repeated swearing.

  3. asd

    get rid of
    game where the point is to bully and mentally destroy others

  4. agnieszka

    How do I find out who is hosting someones blog? That person is cyber bulling and putting a person's livelihood at big risk. I would like to contact the blog host and ask them to take down the whole discussion, I know that the blog owner linked it also to Facebook as well to other online places. Please, help. It is a big issue and it's going on for few years.

  5. agnieszka

    How to report remove meme generator, website address ? Theirs report button or email report are not effective. They promise to act in 48h appears to be not true.

  6. Anonymous

    get rid of facebook, twitter, socl. they are a magnet for self absorbed, self made narcissists. i free'd my sanity from there long ago and life is much better for me.

  7. Anna Squire's a.k.a miserable beast

    Problems with E harassment.

  8. Pingback: Internet Trolls – How To Report A Cyberbully – BinaryTattoo – Define your digital identity
  9. Jason

    Black ops 2 has a bunch of cyberbullies who have no respect for players on PSN. That's another website you should put up And the players usually pick on the good care players which is mean I think I will make a list just to show Activision which players need to be banned and hopefully they catch them. I dont like bullied and so does everyone else they hate being bullied. Just be cool don't be a killer and don't be a bully.

    • Sameer Hinduja

      We added Activision. Let us know if they drag their feet when responding to complaints.

  10. Kiminel

    My friend (who I will not name) has been severely bullied in an "All-in-one" voice and text chat website, after a user has spammed malicious pictures. Many Discord users has also targeted against my friend. The Discord server was a gaming server that is about restoring The Sims Online to a server that is targeted against my friend. The Discord staff isn't doing anything to take action against the bullies. That's another website you should put up:

    It was like being inside a nightmare to see and watch my friend receive malicious text messages from those bullies. It makes me sick to my body that I have to immediately leave the server.

    Specifically, that Discord Server is currently targeting against my friend. Here's a link that you should take caution of:

    I hope to make a list of what Discord users need to be permanently banned. I know exactly who bullied my friend. A very few of my trusted Discord friends has listed me evidence of what's happening to that server.

    • Sameer Hinduja

      We just added Discord – I hope they are responsive to emails sent in regarding harassment complaints.

  11. Judy

    For some odd reason YouTube doesn't want to get involved. I have reported this person numerous time yet her account is still up(Both of them) and this girl is straight up racist. So here goes hoping YOU GUYS will do something since YouTube refuses to. ItRubs TheLotion OnItsSkin is a racist cyber-bully who verbally attacks and antagonizes Black women in 97% of her posts. She uses the other 3% to bully gay men.

    She is also Holly Blondie but does not use the account as she does not have to since YT refuses to remove the ItRubs TheLotion account. But believe me she WILL use the Holly Blondie account if the other is removed so BOTH her accounts need to come down. What makes her so special that she can be racist online and get away with it. T

    hat's a slap in the face to Tina and Ron Meier and the Megan Meier Foundation. Please contact YouTube about her cause my cyber-bullying reports are landing in front of blind eyes and deaf ears. YT does give an eff if every single solitary teenager takes their own life because of people like ItRubs TheLotion OnItsSkin.

  12. Judy

    *Does Not*

  13. Judy

    And I forgot to mention in my previous post that ItRubs TheLotion even went so far as to further express her hatred against Black women by publicly posting what she believed to be the home address and telephone number of a YouTube user who has a Caucasian husband and Mulatto daughter. So why is this racist ALLOWED to still have a YouTube account? YouTube consistently removes other accounts over much less(copyright).

    • Justin W. Patchin

      Hi Judy – thanks for the note. Unfortunately it is completely up to each individual website about whether to remove content. It is not illegal to be racist, it is illegal to violate copyright laws. If there is illegal behavior (threats of physical harm, for example), websites are more likely to take action. In these and other cases, targets of hurtful behavior may need to consult an attorney to seek civil remedy. Thanks again for visiting our page and for offering your perspective.

  14. AuBurney

    I am constantly being bullied on this blog:, and her friends are coming to my deviantart page and posting this: Someone, if there's anyone who can help, please, help me! These users dis my drawings by making them look bad and humiliating me as a user. Is there a site where I can report all of this? If there is, please send a link! Thank you!

  15. AuBurney

    I've reported this user multiple times on Tumblr for her offensive blog, but the staff does nothing! This is NOT COOL! She still continues to insult me.

  16. Eddie

    I feel kind of ashamed to post this as I'm an adult male. I've been cyber bullied in the past and I think I might have been hurt bad from it but I bottled it up. It's happened to me again in the last couple of days. I don't know why I get online at all looking to communicate with other people. I guess I slowly get over it and eventually I try to see if I can interact with people again without too many problems.

    In the last couple of days, It happened to me again. I got perfectly baited into their trap. The people that do this regularly are getting better at it. They reverse troll now. By that I mean, they start throwing out accusation of trolling and being rude and other things like that. My post started innocent enough about gaming stuff. These people were quick to start denigrating me. They constantly said that I did understand things that I did understand. They just kept on do that again and again. They waged a campaign of humiliation and mocking. I should have recognized what was happening and left, but I didn't. I spent a long time trying to explain my original post that they had distorted to mean many other things I hadn't said. Then, repeatedly insulted my intelligence. Today, I realize that they just didn't care about that. This was being done to hurt me. I finally got tired and layed down but couldn't sleep all night. When I got up the next day people had still been posting lies about me, claiming I said things I didn't say. What they did was mentioned something that I wasn't talking about connected somehow to what I had said then began mocking me for being too stupid to understand.

    One of the post was a collage of down syndrome children in super hero outfits. The game is about super heroes and there is no doubt that this was posted about me. The entire forum topic had become about hurting me as much as possible. I had been very civil about things until I saw that. I got rather mad and cursed them. It took some time to get me to that point.

    At this point, I was quickly banned by moderator for get this insults. So, posting pictures implying I'm retard and spending an entire evening and night into the next day denegrating me about things I didn't say, calling me an idiot and clueless and on and on and on wasn't considered a TOS violation. They beat me down with cruelty until the got me to say something that the community manager could ban me for. To make matters worse, The worst and most offensive post toward me were quickly scrubbed. Now, I can't find the thread at all, I can't use my account to link back to it from the ban. I wanted to document what had happened or at least what ever was left of it. I'm afraid I was too slow in recognizing the bait and switch these bullies pulled on me. Now, I may not even be able to recover the evidence I need to show what they did to me.

    But, it should have been obvious to the community manager what the others were doing. One person who came along, who had initially been rude, was nice enough to PM to see if he could get to the bottom of things. He was deeply sorry for his words when he finally realized what had happened on there. I'm grateful for that person. The rest had continued on through the night. They played the innocent forum poster just trying to 'teach' me because I was so dumb etc about the game part. I guess that is supposed to pass as not being a bully but a helper. All of it was a cleverly orchestrated affair with numerous people bullying one person.

    I didn't expect to get hurt so much by what happen, but I did. I wasn't prepared for something like this, but I'm researching now to learn about what I can do. Also, I'm seeing that this is affecting so many other people. It's really alarming.

    I have contacted their customer support and they said they were sorry but they can't do anything and referred me back to the community manager who banned me. Their support site reccommends making a new account to handle the problem and so did the support person. I made a new account and it has already been restricted so I am unable to private message the community manager to try and resolve this problem. I also informed their support that I feel they have caused me some harm by the way this had been handled.

    I'm still trying to see what I can find out. I am on my second night of being in a hyper state and unable to sleep. The upset me that much. I hope at least I can learn how to avoid these problems going forward. Thanks for listening. I'm sorry this is so long.

  17. Eddie

    Good news! I was able to find the thread again and save copies of the entire thing minus some of the post that had been deleted by the community manager. I won't give up on seeing them take responsibility for what occurred.

  18. Halt Cyberbullying

    Wish Upon a Hero was once a site where people could go and post wishes with the possibility of having them granted. It was a wonderful site for years and it was monitored and secure.

    The site changed hands and was renamed The Hero Network. The owners abandoned the site leaving it open to the public with no security measures to protect privacy of wishers. The ability to deactivate ones account is no longer an option because the site has no one to oversee that it functions properly. It has been abandoned and what is left of the site are a few good people who still grant small wishes such as greeting cards or food. Then there are the cyberbullies who out number the good and badger, harass, call wishers horrible foul names, refer to wishers children as ugly ass brats, they send filthy private messages, stalk facebook profiles of wishers, somehow find and post private information about wishers jeopradizing the safety of the wisher and their family.

    Wishers are visciously attacked, made fun of, interrogated, insulted called all kinds of abusive names, sworn at and bullied. When wishers try to defend themselves they are attacked and verbally tore apart by multiple cyberbullies. The bullies boast about how there is nothing anyone can do to stop them from treating people the way they do because the owners don't care about the site. The bullies do this for their own personal entertainment.

    The site has people "wishers" who come and try to scam money and material items which in itself is wrong, but for the innocent person coming there hoping for legitimate help only to encounter a hell fury of bullying it is uncalled for and causes mental and emotional distress.

    My biggest concern is that someone might possibly commit suicide or harm themselves because if the horrible things these cyberbullies say to them.

    Please sign and share the petition to shut down Hero Network.

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