Here is the research we’ve found on cyberbullying in Yemen, with the most recent first. Please email us if you have any articles to add with the details ordered in the same format as the others.

Authors: Haidar, B., Chamoun, M., & Serhrouchni, A.

Year: 2017

Title: Multilingual cyberbullying detection system: Detecting cyberbullying in Arabic content

Journal: Cyber Security in Networking Conference


Abstract: In the era of Internet and electronic devices bullying shifted its place from schools and backyards into the cyberspace; it is now known as Cyberbullying. Children of the Arab countries are suffering from cyberbullying same as children worldwide. Thus concerns from cyberbullying are elevating. A lot of research is done for the purpose of handling this situation. The current research is focusing on detection and mitigation of cyberbullying; while previous research dealt with the psychological effects of cyberbullying on the victim and the predator. A lot of research proposed solutions for detecting cyberbullying in English language and a few more languages, but none till now covered cyberbullying in Arabic language. Several techniques contribute in cyberbullying detection, mainly Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). This paper presents a solution for detecting and stopping cyberbullying with focus on content written in Arabic Language. Thus the primary results of the system are displayed and discussed.

Authors: Haidar, B., Chamoun, M., & Yamout, F.

Year: 2016

Title: Cyberbullying detection: a survey on multilingual techniques

Journal: 2016 European Modelling Symposium


Abstract: Cyberbullying is the new form of bullying; executed by electronic media and Internet. Cyberbullying is affecting a lot of children around the world including Arab countries. Awareness for cyberbullying is arising and research is taking place in the fields of cyberbullying detection and mitigation and not just the psychological effects of cyberbullying on the victim. Researches on cyberbullying detection have been done in many languages but none has been done on Arabic language cyberbullying detection until the time of writing this paper. Many techniques are utilized in the area of cyberbullying detection’ mainly Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). This paper presents a brief background on cyberbullying and all technologies incorporated under this field; in addition to an extensive survey regarding the techniques and advancements in multilingual cyberbullying detection; and finally proposes a plan of a solution for the problem of Arabic cyberbullying.