Organizations That Help Victims of Cyberbullying and Online Harassment

First, if you have been victimized online, it is crucial that you report it to the specific app, social media site, gaming network, Internet service provider, or cell phone service provider involved.  On our Report Cyberbullying page, we have provided a constantly-updated list of contact information to assist you in this manner.  

Second, below is a list of organizations who provide specific help to victims of cyberbullying and online hate.  We strongly encourage you reach out to one or all of them with the details of your situation, digital evidence that proves your case, and account information so they can try to assist you.  

Access Now’s Digital Security Helpline – a free-of-charge resource for civil society around the world. They offer real-time, direct technical assistance and advice to civil society groups & activists, media organizations, journalists & bloggers, and human rights defenders.

Consumer Reports Security Planner – every user should use this personal tool to optimally safeguard themselves online and offline

Cyber Civil Rights Initiative – seeks to help victims of intimate image abuse

Games and Online Harassment Hotline – a text message based emotional support for anyone who makes or plays games. Focuses on mental health, online harassment, in-game harassment, and gender-based violence. For free, text-based confidential emotional support in the US from 6pm to 10pm EST (3pm to 7pm PST), text SUPPORT to 22368.

Online SOS – focuses on helping journalists being targeted and harassed 

TallPoppy – provides reputation defending services

Troll Busters – provides technical, psychosocial and coaching support

Vita-Activa.Org – provides psychological and digital first aid to women and LGBTTI+ to journalists, activists, human and freedom of expression defenders experiencing violence online, stress, burnout and anxiety

Also, consider using one of these third-party tools to protect yourself:

Block Party – allows users to proactively silo potentially abusive accounts on Twitter

Bodyguard – Analyzes Twitter comments received in real-time and moderates them by masking or deleting polluting comments and hateful content

Moderate – sorts through your Twitter mentions and makes it easy to block or mute bad actors, and to understand whether the accounts messaging you are bots or real people

Tune – an experimental web browser extension that allows you to control the volume of the converssation you see on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Disqus.