"Dr. Sameer Hinduja addressed our student body (7th -12th grade) in two outstandingly informative presentations that are a must see! He has a way of capturing his audience from the start and engaging them in an interactive display of critical social media and cyberbullying issues. Our students were amazed with his knowledge of the subject and left wanting to hear more. Dr. Hinduja masterfully outlined the wonderful opportunities available to our students, while warning them of the pitfalls associated with overuse and inappropriate use of online resources, games, hangouts, and social media. He also addressed our parents during an evening event to raise awareness of cyberbullying and the pitfalls of social media. He eloquently outlined the major issues students are exposed to in the online world of social media. At the same time, he offered Christian-based advice on how to parent in this digital generation. His topics of building our children's resilience, empathy, and discernment to equip our students with the skills to combat attacks and make sound decisions was invaluable. Many thanks to Dr. Hinduja for this highly informative presentation! I highly suggest having him speak at your school today."

Brian Urichko, Assistant Principal, Upper School - The Master's Academy