"I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Dr. Sameer Hinduja as part of a Fulbright scholarship award in Ireland. We worked together on improving a Digital Safety programme that I am involved in coordinating and I have to say his feedback was and is invaluable. The research he conducts gives us a true insight into the reality that the youth of today face in terms of social threats. He has such a measured approach towards the topic of Cyberbullying which in this current climate is essential. Too many times we overreact to situations around potential threats. Sameer, however, has the measured and balanced approach to step back and assess the scenario via thoughtful and analytical methods. This results in a measured and calm response with useful help for those involved rather than introducing an emotionally charged response which clouds judgement. I believe we can all learn from him."

Irene Guédan, Digital Safety Program Coordinator - McAfee Ireland (Intel Security)