"I think the biggest thing we got out of the day was the focus on school climate. My take away was that if you foster a school climate of acceptance, respect, and relationships, you set the stage for students to take care of each other. You also insure that students feel comfortable reporting incidence of bullying and harassment, and are therefore able to address those issues quickly and efficiently. We were already focusing this year on community building, but we're paying special attention this November with a "Month of Thanks and Giving". We want to focus on all the wonderful things that our students do everyday and celebrate them. We are also the single largest provider for Feed My People and have our annual drive during November. We plan to culminate in a day of celebration before Thanksgiving break. We're pretty excited about it! Thank you for bringing him in! It was well worth the time."

Jennifer Gross, M.Ed., Ed.S., Freshman Counselor - Oakville High School