"Dr. Sameer Hinduja’s authenticity permeates throughout his presentation. He uses networking, real-world situations, and extensive research to shape his content. Without complaint, he tailored his presentation to fit our curriculum needs, and adjusted it according to our time requirements. He came to our training overly prepared and extremely well-organized. Dr. Hinduja has a vast knowledge and real passion for the topics of cyber-bullying and safe social networking, and that was very evident throughout the day. He didn't need any fancy gadgets or tricks up his sleeve to get the audience mesmerized. The flawless way he delivered the information was enough. In fact, months later, I am still getting rave reviews about him. Simply put- when he speaks, people listen. His content is relevant and timely more today than ever. Dr. Hinduja made a huge impact, and given the chance, every single person who attended our training agreed that they would return to listen to him speak again. To highly recommend Dr. Hinduja would feel like an understatement."

Darcy L. Meyer, Lead Child and Youth Program Coordinator - Kansas National Guard