This 15-question quiz will test your knowledge of what the research says about cyberbullying. You’ll learn how often it occurs, who does it most often, how it affects targets, what schools and families can do, and so much more. Don’t cheat by using your phone or Google or anything like that. You can do this. Good luck!


  1. Cyber bullying is a form of threatening, harassing, humiliating, insulting, targeting or embarrassing kids, preteens or teens, by another person. Rude humor, embarrassing posts, threatening texts, etc. can lead to cyber bullying. The best one can do to stay away from this is to either stop making any sort of contact with that person or just telling an adult about the matter. Digital footprints are a major cause of cyber bullying as anyone can track your online activity, without your knowledge. Searching oneself on an Search Engine can help as you can view the posts about yourself.Hiding personal information can also prevent any such things from happening.

  2. According the research and the article, something new I have learned is that most teens and children who are being cyber bullied don't tell authorities, parents, or teachers about it.

  3. I learned a lot of things from this website. A fact that I learned from the article is that girls are more likely to get cyber-bullied than boys.

  4. I learned that Cyber bullying is a form of threatening and it's not fair to victims and those who are bullied feels left out and hurt.

  5. I have learned that Cyber bullying is related to low self-esteem, suicidal ideation, anger, frustration, and a variety of other emotional and psychological problems. Also, Cyberbullying is related to other issues in the ‘real world’ including school problems, anti-social behavior, substance use, and delinquency. However, Traditional bullying is still more common than cyber bullying. People cyber bully because they probably have been cyber bullied in the past. In conclusion, Adolescent girls are just as likely, if not more likely than boys to experience cyber bullying.

  6. I like this quiz because it helps people learn what to do when there is a cyber bully. I also learned that not all states in the USA have rules on people cyber bullying in the US on the internet.

  7.  Cyberbullying is the act of harming or harassing via information technology networks in a repeated and deliberate manner. According to U.S. Legal Definitions, "cyber-bullying could be limited to posting rumors or gossips about a person in the internet bringing about hatred in other’s minds; or it may go to the extent of personally identifying victims and publishing materials severely defaming and humiliating them." With the increased use of communication technology, cyber bullying has become increasingly common, especially among teenagers. Awareness has also risen, due in part to high-profile cases like the suicide of Tyler Clementi.

  8. cyberbullying is harming someone on the web. It is usually someone that is scared to say it to your face so they do it over the web.

  9. Cyber bullying is when you harass someone via internet. It can be through social media or private messaging. Some people even go as far as to hack other peoples accounts and post and or say something that the other person wouldn't dare let come out of their mouth or use that persons account to spread rumors and get them in trouble. Cyber bullying is most common among teenagers and the cyber bullying rate has risen greatly.

  10. cyberbullying makes teens feel many different things and make them not like themselves. suicidal thoughts will occur, eating disorders will happen, depression will grow, self-harm will begin, and sometimes suicide actually happens. we need to watch who we follow on social media, pay attention to what social medias we use, and choose our friends wisely.


  11. Cyber bullying is a form of harrasing someone over the internet, without having ti say the words to their face. Cyber bullying is a major contributor to depression and lowering self-esteem in many teens. By watching what we say or post on social media we can prevent ourself from being involved in cyber bullying.

  12. Cyberbullying is not ok for anyone to do, it hurts people and lets them down. Cyberbullying needs to stop because it makes kids or even adults feels so low about themselves like they don't mean anything to anyone.

  13. Cyber bullying is the worst kind of bullying because maybe that are in a group on what's up you cyber bully every body will think your a terrible man


  14. We are doing a project on cyber bullying so please stop cyber bullying and add a comment if you have an idea send it to our email please help stop cyber bullying this is for all the cyber bullies out there

  15. Cyber Bullying is not an okay thing to do. I have been bullied online by text message whatever way of bullying you can think of it has happen to me. I honestly am sick and tired of seeing and being bullied. I want it to stop but that will never happen.

  16. I feel like a lot of times people put themselves in positions to start drama and bullying, just prevent that by remaining neutral in things that are not as important.

  17. Cyber bullying is a terrible form of harassment, insults, humiliation, and torment towards other people. It happens over the internet, where nobody can see their face, and most of the time able to get away with it. Stop cyber bullying. It has taken too many lives.

  18. cyberbullying is not the way to go , it is cruel and uncalled for . People think its funny and fun to harass and torment another human being . Everyone has feelings and you never know what kind of tole it can take on a person . Cyberbullying is not acceptable, the people that do it certainly have no life and waste their time making fun of others . Threats and serious comments to others might cause serious damage to the persons life , thats why you have to watch what you say and post on the internet not everythings good to put out in the world .

  19. I learned alot through this. I am now going to make a youtube channel about this and share my story with the internet as well as my instagram. this all needs to stop. peace, y'all!

  20. I learned alot through this. I am now going to make a youtube channel about this and share my story with the internet as well as my instagram. this all needs to stop. peace, y'all!

  21. The cyberbullying is not good because it causes serious harm to peoples's lives. It is not something that should be practiced.

  22. Opened our eyes to cyberbullying – it impacts more of us than realized at the same time, smaller percentage than we thought.

  23. It is a challenge for teachers to be able to educate our students to surf the net safely. In this course I have learned many resources to do so.

  24. Thank you very much for the quiz. I had a question. When I started to answer the questions, I saw a message on the screen about ebook. Is it related to your reaserch center? Thanx

  25. Cyberbullying it’s a very wrong thing to do. I’m agree with Lauren. Are terrible ways of insults, herassments, offenses, etc. I think Cyberbullying needs to end because people should respect the differences. Childrens and teenagers that are suffering Cyberbullying should Talk to your parents and teachers about the subject for they’re pain and sorrow over.

  26. Thiago Souza
    I agree with Lauren. Cyberbullying it’s a horrible way of insults, herassments, humilliations and offenses against people. It’s a real problem that should end in USA and other countries.

  27. Thiago Souza
    I agree with Lauren. Cyberbullying it’s a horrible way of insults, herassments, humilliations and offenses against people. Cyberbullying should over.

  28. Cyberbullying is bullying that is taken place over digital devices like cell phones, computers, and tablets. Cyberbullying can occur through text, apps, or online in social media, or gaming where people can view, participate, or share content. Cyberbullying includes sending, posting, or sharing negative ,false, harmful, or mean content about someone else. It can include sharing private or personal information about someone resulting in embarrassment or humiliation. Some cyberbullying crosses the line into criminal or unlawful behavior.

  29. I believe that cyber bulling is not an okay thing to do as not until is it the same thing as bulling someone in real life its just on the internet. bulling people like this affects their lives this is not okay.

  30. Cyber bullying is a cruel form of making fun of a person for their appearance of the person they are themselves. What is crueler is that not even all victims of cyberbullying tell an adult about it. Cyber bullying is the act of bullying a person online, mostly social media and targeted at females. Cyberbullying can occur through text, apps, or online in social media, or gaming where people can view, participate, or share content.

  31. I learned how much of a impact cyberbullying has on females more than males and that you should just block all the people who cyberbully you and tell a adult

  32. I have realized that females are more prone to getting bullied than boys are. I mean it makes sense though. There are far more females in their phones then boys are.

  33. I learned that women get bullied more than Guys do. Also women get treated differently than guys do. ( treat people how you want to be treated )

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